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Returning to the gym after a long absence

Returning to the gym is never an easy task to do. Even if you are a gym freak, absence for the gym gets you in that comfortable state of mind that everything seems to be chill and relaxed, and your couch has become softer than ever. Well, that’s the trap.

It was a lovely break… but,

On the inside, you either don’t miss the gym but you feel guilty, or you feel like something is missing. There is no easy way to say it, but when you feel like it has been some time to go to the gym, either for real reasons or excuses, you have to… “Just do it” as Nike’s marketing division would say.

girls at the gym

Returning to the gym means getting off your comfortable tush and wiggle yourself back through those gym doors that have missed you so dearly. The best reminder when returning back to the gym is remembering how it feels leaving the gym looking a mess, but you know that you have worked hard to make yourself better. The way you feel when everything hurts in the morning but you feel proud about it because you will be seeing changes to your body in a few days’ time.

Some things you can do to get back in the fitness mindset:

  • Just think of all the things you ate and you have not yet exercised. We all let ourselves go sometimes, and that’s perfectly fine! We like being lazy sometimes, and we love indulging in delicious grub. The thing is that energy needs to be stored at the right places! Exercising that pizza dough to burn its fat and use its energy for a good exercise session can get you back in groove! We all know “the guilt” and this is a good way to get rid of it.
  • Imagine that you have given a present to yourself for some time, and that you can give the same present to yourself, possibly another time in the future. By returning to the gym, you will have another era of good exercise, and you can have a cheat day after some time. Just don’t turn the cheat day into a cheat month!

Returning to the gym like a boss

It’s up to you to make returning to the gym a pleasant experience, by motivating yourself to get back in there with guns blazing!

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The Benefits Of Working Out For Your Dating Life

We are all aware of the benefits of workout in our daily life but regular workout also has a psychological and physical effect on your love life. The survey found that fit couples tend to be happier and share stronger relationship bond. Here are some of the benefits of a regular workout for your dating life.

Look better

This is so obvious, but still, it’s the best reason to workout daily. If you are looking to revamp your dating life then you should start taking workout seriously and start making a smart decision on the food you consume. No one wants to date a person who is overweight.

It’s not always about the weight that gets you rejected, it’s the level of dedication and discipline that can impress people and get attracted towards you.

Elevated confidence

Who doesn’t want to have sexy and most intelligent partner? Staying fit not just improves the level of confidence but will also help in lower down the competition. Good fitness levels make you stand out of crowd.

More fun activities

Being on your comfortable couch all day and watching Netflix is boring, right? It’s time to start working out to open yourself to new horizons of life.

Being physically active lets you open many doors for different activities, you will find yourself eligible for many different sports. Regular exercise will make you available to go for hiking, cycle rides, run a marathon or any other social activity that can make your share some special moments.

You can try partner yoga with the person you love, that’s my personal favorite.

benefits of dating

Relieves stress

To master a relationship you need to have a happy life, and that is only possible if you can control the stress levels.

Any physical activity helps our body release certain hormones that help in relieving stress and anxiety.

Better performance

Needless to say that regular workout will help you have better performance in bed, it’s not just the stamina that matters but the self-confidence. Regular workouts let you feel comfortable in your own skin and boost-up the confidence level.

Start a conversation with your gym crush

There you are again in the gym trying to get the body of your dreams and there is the distraction again! That hottie you are always eyeing is there looking gorgeous as ever and there you are staring again like a creep wondering what it would be like to talk to your crush. It is not something that happens only to you. Gyms are like showrooms full of pretty people and we have all been through that. Those crushes end up being gym motivation. And we all want to talk to them! Well here are some ways you can have that conversation!

  1. Talk to them about the workout
    Since they are in the gym and clearly they are eye-candy. Talk to them about the workout. People that work out do a lot of hard work to achieve the results you are seeing. They are always more than excited to talk about their workout routine. If you start talking about the workout and what workouts you may have in common then that is one good way to start talking to your crush. Through their workout you can find out some more information about them, for example if they have a partner they want to have a hot bod for or whether they are single ready for a partner to have a hot bod for.
  2. It’s all about that body… language.
    Maybe your gym crush wants to talk to you too! Check out if they are looking over at your direction. The first thing you want to look for is eye contact! If they are looking at you once, or twice or three times then maybe there is a mutual want of conversation. Try and watch their body language and try to save some time by getting to know whether they want to talk to you too.
  3. Have a friendly attitude.
    Having a friendly and positive attitude is something inviting for your crush to be more approachable. A non-creepy smile is something that can work in your favor and it is something that can for sure spark a conversation. Try saying hi with a nice smile and there is a huge chance that that will develop in a conversation between the both of you. Your dream conversation may just be a smile away!
  4. Timing can be in your favor!
    When a guy is breast pumping with a huge ton of weights is not the best time to talk to. Try nailing your timing since it will make things easier. Talk to them when they are winding down after a workout session or something similar to that. Try not to be that annoying person that talks at the wrong time at the wrong place.
  5. Try to combine workouts
    If you wanna get closer to your crush and talk to them maybe you need to sync some of your workout with them, in order to get closer to them – in an as-non-creepy way as possible. When you are doing the same workout, you already have one thing in common and that could get the conversation going.

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Couple Training

Why Working Out With Your Girlfriend Helps You Build Muscle Faster

Building muscle without weights with a gym partner is possible although many people will tell you that weight training is really important to gain muscles. You and your girlfriend can form a great pair as gym partners to ensure building muscle without weights. Building muscle without weights with a gym partner is possible although many people will tell you that weight training is really important to gain muscles. You and your girlfriend can form a great pair as gym partners to ensure building muscle without weights.

Building muscle without weights

Your girlfriend can help building muscle without weights being the motivation

In case you let your girl friend know that you are trying to build muscles and need her help she will surely keep motivating you to achieve your goal of building muscle without weights. The more challenging a task the more enjoyable is the experience especially when your girl friend is participating in your endeavor to keep fit the motivation level will surely go up and you are going to achieve results in a short span of time.

Add resistance to your exercise while building muscle without weights


You are quite comfortable doing pushups. You can do a set of 20 pushups in one go without flinching. Now you need to ask your girlfriend to lie on your back to add resistance to the pushups. The addition of her weight to your body weight will surely lower the number of pushups you will be doing however the amount of muscles it is going build in your body is far more than the muscles you were adding initially. The mere participation and the motivation she is going to provide while being there with you is surely going to push you with all your might.

She is the one who can chalk out a diet plan for you

Once you have embarked on the mission to building muscle without weights you need to look after your diet. In case you have your girlfriend involved she is going to help you chalk out your diet plan that can work wonders in building muscles. Have your goals marked and ask her to check the progress for you. She is the one who is going to watch out for the things you should not eat. She is the one whom you can ask for help to prepare a protein bar or a protein shake for you.

Warming up together will help lift mood

Before exercising to building muscle without weights you need to warm up. Warming up is essential for any workout whether with weights or without weights. Ask your girlfriend to help you in the warming up session. She might help you in skipping, a bit of aerobics or cheering you while you are running on the treadmill. Exercising with your girlfriend being the gym partner will surely add to the results you can achieve while building muscle without weights.

Benefits for couples who workout together

Exercising everyday in the gym with my girlfriend has always given me the motivation to work hard on myself and ensure that we are the most popular gym couples working out in the gym. Gym couples are often considered as the happiest couples as compared to other couples. In fact it is not just about gym couples it is about exercising together with your girl friend, wife or soul mate. In case you are exercising alone and she is sleeping or attending other chores half of the motivation is gone and you are might sometimes end up thinking about your SO. There are numerous benefits of working out together physically and emotionally. As an individual and as a couple.

Training together couples

Training with a couple is always better

Gym Couples tend to be happier with the relationship

The time spent in the gym together by gym couples adds up to the quality time they spend together. The other part of the day might may go away attending to jobs, kids and other chores that are a part of daily life and which have minimal interaction between a couple. Thus exercising together opens up an opportunity to come close and interact more on a daily basis.

Working out together increases efficiency in Gym couples

A Happy Gym Couple

The mere presence of someone special by your side increases your efficiency this is a psychological fact. Being comfortable with an activity while being alone and pushing yourself to your limits while working out as a gym couple is a common sight inside gyms. A healthy competition among both the partners will take things to an altogether new level which will have a profound effect on the exercise and relationship.

Gym couples generally help achieve fitness goals

Everyone takes up a new resolution every new year or on their birthday. We tend to set goals for our self – fitness goals included. These resolutions and goals go down in the din within a couple of days or weeks. However if are in a relationship and have taken up a fitness goal make sure to tell your partner the fitness goal you have set for yourself. This is surely going to be a motivation for both of you to work together in an effort to fulfill the goal and achieve the best shape for yourself.

Gym Couples have better sex life

Gym couples enjoy a great sex life. Since exercises give you endorphins which make one feel happier and helps in increasing the libido and desire for sex. A fit body and a relaxed mind are the pre cursors for a good sex life which is achieved via working out together as a couple.

How I met my Girlfriend

Being the fitness freak I am I have always spent my time being in the gym or researching for equipment and diet which can give me the extra boost to create a healthy body. My best buddy and sister would always be by my side to assist me while making a choice between the various equipment and diet plans I wanted to experiment. One year back my sister got married and went off to live with her husband and around the same time my best friend for an offshore assignment. I was left all alone and then I suddenly realized how much dependent I was on both of them not only for the time when I had to make the choices but also for an emotional and mental support. While talking to my best friend a month after he had left he made me realize that I needed a partner to fill the void in my life.

Fitness Couple

Fitness Freak Couple

The search begins

Since I was not socially very much involved within the community the only option I had was online search for a partner whom I could share my emotions and depend for my daily dose of motivation, who would hear me out and would understand my feelings and ensure that I didn’t feel alone.

questions to ask before meeting

Online dating questions to ask before meeting

Searching for a dating website was not much of a task since interracialdatingcentral was a hands down choice as it was suggested by my sister and of course my friend who earlier coaxed me to join it. While making an account for myself I was a bit reluctant to share my bodybuilding and exercising interests however these were the only things I knew so I didn’t have much of a choice.

Compatibility was quick and easy

As soon as I was on the website I was flooded with suggestions and chat with girls that were located around me was pretty easy. Since I was looking to date seriously I purchased the subscription for the website which opened up a lot of facilities within the website for me. I was able to sift through the list and pick on one particular girl who a few images of her showing her exercising. It was an instant action from my side to contact her and send her a message complimenting her about the choice of fitness equipment she was using (I use almost same equipment at my gym).

We made sparks fly online

She was quick to respond. Later I came to know that I was the only one who complimented he on the choice of equipment she was using all other messages she received were about the king of body shape and face she had. She has a cute face. We started messaging to and fro on interracialdatingcentral right away. The conversation started on gym equipment went on to the diet plans, warm up exercises we did and ended by sharing our skype ids.

From Online to phone to the first date

AS soon as I logged out from interracialdatingcentral I received a notification on my skype and guess what she had added me on her skype. She was quite excited to talk to me and I had butterflies in my stomach. We had a video chat but was not able to catch a glimpse of her. She just showed me around her personal gym and we talked a bit more on our schedule and fitness techniques. At the end of the skype call we had exchanged our phone numbers with a plan to meet on the weekend.

Online dating questions to ask before meeting

Dating Questions

It was still 4 days for the weekend to arrive and I was excited for the first date. We were texting each other online via skype and there were still a few questions in my mind which I needed to ask before the actual meeting. These Online dating questions to ask before meeting are quite important for any individual since they will decide the way your date and your relationship is going to shape up in future.

I didn’t have a long list neither did she have too many questions still the questions we had while dating online that we were to ask each other before meeting were quite important. The serious one from my side was just one question “What are you looking from for in this relationship”. The answer she gave was something that made me feel that Yes I need to go in for this relationship. She told me that she was looking for love, stability and emotional support. Of course I was looking for emotional support and love and stability was a bonus for me.

She had questions about my idea of my weekend, my family, my embarrassing moments, education and of course the passion about my fitness. We were now eager to meet once another after the initial round of questions and answers while dating online. Come weekend and we met at an upscale café which was chosen by me. She came and I was floored by her grace. We had planned a one hour meeting but we spent six hours together and I ended up dropping her home. WE have our homes at a driving distance of 20 minutes. She joined the gym I go to exercise the very next month and it has been almost one year and we are still together.


Couple Training

Best workout for couples

Couples that workout together have seen to be having a much better bonding and health than couples that do not work out at all. Keeping a healthy body and a healthy mind with your partner is something you can do with regular exercises and a few yoga poses. Having someone at your side while exercising keeps the motivation level high. Many exercises need a person to help you and if it is your girl friend who is your partner when you are exercising the motivation level is bound to go high along with the bonding of the couple. There are a lot of couples you are going to find who exercise together and keep themselves fit. There are quite a few exercises that can be done together as a couple and will be of immense benefit for the couple. Given below are five couples with their instagram handles that will motivate you to work together.

Doing Yoga together will is a great option to keep your body and mind fit

Couple Training

Couples that workout together

Yoga is the most preferred technique of keeping fit. It is not really a set of exercises; it is a lifestyle which if embraced by both the partners will surely create a healthy existence for both. Yoga is one technique that requires a partner since some of the poses are quite tricky which cannot be done all alone initially. There are some techniques in Yoga that have an inherent requirement of a partner. The tree pose is one of those techniques that has an inherent requirement of a partner. It is simple and easy you just need to stand beside your partner with your hips touching. The leg that is on the outside has to be bent from the knee to pull the foot up so that it presses against the opposite leg’s inner thigh. Once you press you knee back it will help your foot to stay put and opens the hips even more. Now you need to take your inside arm and wrap it around your partner’s lower back. Once you are comfortable bring your outside hands together at the center pressing your palms together. Hold for as long as you can.

Double Dance pose for couples that workout together

The double dance technique is another Yoga posture that can be implemented with your partner only. You need to stand facing each other. Open your hands and join the palms then with the other hand you need to pull back your leg without bending at the knee. This pose will require a lot of practice from your end. You need to make sure that you warm up before actually making this pose with your partner.


The Double Boat technique will help your legs and circulatory system


The Double boat pose is one easy pose for couples that workout together since it can also be used as a warm up technique for the more tough poses. You just need to straighten your legs and with the soles touching for a hamstring stretch. And then hold hands till the time you can. You will find a bit difficult initially however once your back muscles are toned up it is going to be a cake walk for you.


Pressing the body weight of your partner

Body Weight Training

This is one pose that is going to help you strengthen you core muscles. However you need to be sure that you can lift up your partner easily. Make sure you do not injure your backbone while doing it. One just needs to make his or her partner sit on his shoulders and do sit ups.


Backbands with your lady in your arms

Your woman needs to be quite flexible for this exercise. She needs to keep her body straight and stiff so that you can pick her up and bend backwards. This move requires a lot of flexibility and stability.