healthy eating out options

Healthy options when eating out

One of the most difficult parts of sticking to the diet is eating healthy when you are not at home, most of the people find is really difficult to eat healthy at a restaurant. Restaurant food is meant to look, smell and taste great, that means our taste buds dominates the nutrition required to stay in right shape. Healthy eating outside is all about making a smart selection of food.
Ahead, healthy options to help you eat healthy while eating out.

Plan Ahead

Everything you want is available online so why now check the menu before you visit the restaurant? Check the menu online, so that you can plan your order before you even step into the restaurant.

Checking the menu before also make you aware of the items restaurant is serving and if they have any healthy food option within their menu or not.

How the food is prepared

This is the most important rule that every fitness freak follows, they check the way food item is cooked. Look for the food that is steamed, grilled or roaster, these cooking techniques involves less amount of oil which lead to a lower amount of calorie consumption.

Always avoid food that is pan-fried, fried, crispy, sauteed, they usually contain more calories.

Have a Healthy Snack Before You Arrive

So its a weekend and you made a plan with friends or family before you step in the restaurant to have your meal, try to consume some healthy snack instead of going all hungry.

Being hungry may lead to overeating, but consuming something healthy can limit your consumption of food at the restaurant. My favorite choice is to have some yogurt or protein smoothie before I go out.

Practice mindful eating

It’s just like an eating meditation; being conscious of what you are eating and how much you are eating plays a big role.

People always tend to overeat when they go to resturants, but staying conscious of your eating pattern will save you from a cheat meal.

Order a Soup or a Salad to Start

This is a smart way to start your meal, order some soup and salad before you order the main course.

Soup and salad contain fewer calories and they also make you feel fuller at a faster pace. Researches have shown that soup before a meal can reduce your total calorie consumption by 20%.

Skip carbonated drinks:

They play a big role in your calorie consumption, most of the people tend to order cold drinks or sugar-sweetened drinks with their meal but that is one of the biggest reason for their bad health. Avoid these at any cost, instead, try to fill yourself with water or no-sugar lemon water.