couple workouts

Hard exercise workouts that are great fun with a partner

For a couple that’s gym fanatic, here are some hard exercise workouts for you!

As a couple, bonding comes in various ways. And exercising together is one of them. When thinking hard exercise, think “cross fit”. Think “spin class”. These are exercises that will make you bond as you compete. Plus, you motivate one another. Nothing keeps people closer than a little competition. Plus you can bet while at it. When I win, I get… And make it interesting… like bedroom-wise!

So what do we have in mind?

Hard workouts for couples


There are a number of routine exercises designed for couples. And one thing about CrossFit is the intensity that comes with it. As a couple, you will be able to burn calories within a short period. This is not for the faint-hearted. You need to be very committed to it. And commitment is one thing that comes with relationships. Sign up for a cross fit class together.

Alternate box jump

If you are looking to strengthen your legs, then this is one of the best hard exercise workouts for you. Much as it is something you can do solo, it is perfect for a couple since you can do it alternating. Get something firm that you can jump on as you hold each other’s hands. You could also add some dumbbells to this exercise to work both the arms and legs. Settle on a stable height that is comfortable for both of you. Take turns jumping on and off in a squat position.

Spin Class

couple at gymSpin class is great for couples as you can cheer each other while breaking a sweat. Imagine telling your spouse to soldier on. Plus a little competition has a way of bringing couples together. Dare each other. See who lasts the longest…

Hard exercise workouts like hook squats

One thing that makes these squats the best for couples is because a set can’t be complete until you both do it. So, solidarity is key here. There is no stopping. Squat together. Better yet, how about doing it as you alternate. Do yours I do mine as you hold each other’s hands and help each other up. That’s bonding for sure.