girls at the gym

Returning to the gym after a long absence

Returning to the gym is never an easy task to do. Even if you are a gym freak, absence for the gym gets you in that comfortable state of mind that everything seems to be chill and relaxed, and your couch has become softer than ever. Well, that’s the trap.

It was a lovely break… but,

On the inside, you either don’t miss the gym but you feel guilty, or you feel like something is missing. There is no easy way to say it, but when you feel like it has been some time to go to the gym, either for real reasons or excuses, you have to… “Just do it” as Nike’s marketing division would say.

girls at the gym

Returning to the gym means getting off your comfortable tush and wiggle yourself back through those gym doors that have missed you so dearly. The best reminder when returning back to the gym is remembering how it feels leaving the gym looking a mess, but you know that you have worked hard to make yourself better. The way you feel when everything hurts in the morning but you feel proud about it because you will be seeing changes to your body in a few days’ time.

Some things you can do to get back in the fitness mindset:

  • Just think of all the things you ate and you have not yet exercised. We all let ourselves go sometimes, and that’s perfectly fine! We like being lazy sometimes, and we love indulging in delicious grub. The thing is that energy needs to be stored at the right places! Exercising that pizza dough to burn its fat and use its energy for a good exercise session can get you back in groove! We all know “the guilt” and this is a good way to get rid of it.
  • Imagine that you have given a present to yourself for some time, and that you can give the same present to yourself, possibly another time in the future. By returning to the gym, you will have another era of good exercise, and you can have a cheat day after some time. Just don’t turn the cheat day into a cheat month!

Returning to the gym like a boss

It’s up to you to make returning to the gym a pleasant experience, by motivating yourself to get back in there with guns blazing!