easy high protein meals

Easy to cook high protein meals to maximize your gym results

What you are, depends on what you eat. Proteins are the basic building block that helps in overall muscle development and strength. Eating protein shakes and supplements are not enough to satisfy your body need of protein and you need to consume high protein diet that helps in achieving greater strength and body development.

Let’s talk about the easy to cook and highly nutrient dense food that can help in the overall development of the body.

easy high protein meals

Egg wrap

Egg wraps are easy to make and most satisfying food items that you can cook easily. 2 whole egg contains 16 gram of protein and other vital nutrients.

You can include other ingredients as per your required, feel free to add some chicken breast or paneer as a stuffing.

Turkey breast and veggies

This is one of my favorites, turkey is high in protein and add up some veggies and seasoning to make it a complete meal. Turkey contains 29 gram of protein per 100 grams and adding some vegetables will make the meal more nutrition dense.


Many people have never tried Quinoa, but its one of the nutrition dense food that you should definitely include in your meal, it’s easy to cook as well. It’s high in protein and soluble fibers that will keep your digestive tract healthy and clean.


Needless to say, Beef is high in protein and B Vitamins that are essential for the growth and development of muscle tissues.

Consume it in a limit, it also contains a high amount of fat and cholestrol that you might not want.

easy high protein meals


Oatmeal is quick to make and it is high in protein and soluble fibers that keep you fuller for a longer period of time. Oatmeal is a great vegetarian solution that works as an effective healthy meal idea.

Sweet potatoes

This is something that does not contain much protein but contains other nutrients that are very helpful in maintaining the muscle mass. A four-ounce sweet potato holds more than 100% of our everyday supply of beta-carotene, a substantial dose of iron, and full of vitamins C and E. Collectively, these nutrients work unitedly to guard your body against cellular damage of all types, especially in athletes who compete in extreme environments (such as altitude, heat, cold, or pollution).