woman working out

Approaching a female bodybuilder at your local gym

Are you interested in dating female bodybuilder at your gym but you feel intimidated about approaching due to their size?

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Much as such a woman might look like she has a thing for domination, you should not assume this. Chances are they are just as nice as the other women in the gym and are likely to merely be more dedicated to their craft.

Why you should approach a muscle chick.

Sometimes our fears are the only thing that stands in the way of our happiness. Don’t let small insecurities stand in your way. You might be shocked at how soft she is on the inside. She probably is better than you at the fitness stuff but she might be the one to get you in shape.

What really matters is that you find her attractive. Now don’t be scared. Walk on over to her and use some moves on her like “Kindly help me out with my weights”.

What she crush can bring to the table

The sex will definitely be better

Can you imagine the flexibility in bed? Imagine the positions she can pull for you. Plus I am sure she will be able to go on and on…

Your female bodybuilder crush will make a great gym partner

couple at a gymIf you hit it off, you have something in common. That is working out together. You can have so much fun together as you compete lifting those weights.

Healthier life

Now that you are doing these cardios together, if you are planning on having a long-term relationship, you will definitely be living healthier lives. Plus, such a gym partner will definitely give you the needed boost you need.

However it pans out, don’t make dating your female bodybuilder a big deal. Just relax and let things flow.