Start a conversation with your gym crush

There you are again in the gym trying to get the body of your dreams and there is the distraction again! That hottie you are always eyeing is there looking gorgeous as ever and there you are staring again like a creep wondering what it would be like to talk to your crush. It is not something that happens only to you. Gyms are like showrooms full of pretty people and we have all been through that. Those crushes end up being gym motivation. And we all want to talk to them! Well here are some ways you can have that conversation!

  1. Talk to them about the workout
    Since they are in the gym and clearly they are eye-candy. Talk to them about the workout. People that work out do a lot of hard work to achieve the results you are seeing. They are always more than excited to talk about their workout routine. If you start talking about the workout and what workouts you may have in common then that is one good way to start talking to your crush. Through their workout you can find out some more information about them, for example if they have a partner they want to have a hot bod for or whether they are single ready for a partner to have a hot bod for.
  2. It’s all about that body… language.
    Maybe your gym crush wants to talk to you too! Check out if they are looking over at your direction. The first thing you want to look for is eye contact! If they are looking at you once, or twice or three times then maybe there is a mutual want of conversation. Try and watch their body language and try to save some time by getting to know whether they want to talk to you too.
  3. Have a friendly attitude.
    Having a friendly and positive attitude is something inviting for your crush to be more approachable. A non-creepy smile is something that can work in your favor and it is something that can for sure spark a conversation. Try saying hi with a nice smile and there is a huge chance that that will develop in a conversation between the both of you. Your dream conversation may just be a smile away!
  4. Timing can be in your favor!
    When a guy is breast pumping with a huge ton of weights is not the best time to talk to. Try nailing your timing since it will make things easier. Talk to them when they are winding down after a workout session or something similar to that. Try not to be that annoying person that talks at the wrong time at the wrong place.
  5. Try to combine workouts
    If you wanna get closer to your crush and talk to them maybe you need to sync some of your workout with them, in order to get closer to them – in an as-non-creepy way as possible. When you are doing the same workout, you already have one thing in common and that could get the conversation going.

couple on treadmills