Talking to your gym crush for the first time

If you’re crushing on that hottie on the treadmill or in your Crossfit class, you might be wondering how to talk to your crush. You’re not alone – gym crushes abound in the natural world. After all, it makes sense: the gym is home to some of the finest examples of physical achievement you’ll ever see, plus you’ve already got something in common: living an active, healthy life.


Here are the tips on how to talk to your crush.

1.Make it about the workout.

The first rule of Gym Crush Club* is that it’s all about the workout. Actually, that’s the only rule. Repeat after me: it’s all about the workout. Don’t make going to the gym about your gym crush. Yes, they enhance your motivation, and they’re great eye-candy, but the main reason you work out (and theirs too) is to be healthy and get the best physique you can have. If you focus on the workout, then regardless of what happens with your gym crush, you will still be healthier and look sexier. Remember, you can take your workouts seriously, and still have fun. So make it about the workout – you’re doing it for you. And if you do, soon you’ll be someone else’s gym crush.

2. Pay attention to body language.

If you’ll forgive me for stating the obvious, but the fact of the matter is that some people are open to being approached and some aren’t. So how do you know if your gym crush is open to meeting you? The number one signal is if you both make eye contact and hold it for longer than usual. If this happens 3 or more times, that’s probably a good sign. And if they smile at you, that’s as green a light you can get. On the other hand, your gym crush could be so wrapped up in their workout that they just don’t notice you. Even if you don’t get any of the obvious signs they still may be open to meeting you… and the only way to find out is to take action. Either way, you win, if they’re not interested you can forget about them, and if they are… who knows?

3. The secret on how to talk to your crush is to BE FRIENDLY.

couple on treadmills

The real secret to getting to know your gym crush… is to just be friendly. When you see them make eye contact and smile. The next time you can do the same and throw in a ‘hi’. Be friendly and build it up slowly, there’s no need to try rushing things – just be friendly and let it happen naturally. Later you can throw out some compliments when you see them. Soon, you’ll be having long conversations, and from there you can gauge their interest and move it forward if they look like they’re open to it. In fact, they may be the one to ask you! One more thing. If you want to be approached, make yourself approachable – smile, be friendly, have fun… and remember the unspoken rule: if you’re wearing headphones, you don’t want to be bothered. Think of them as those ‘do not disturb’ signs you see at hotels.

4. Time it right.

In life, timing can make all the difference. Never interrupt someone who is in the middle of a set, or giving it maximum intensity on the treadmill. It’s dangerous and shows a lack of social finesse – so don’t do it. Between sets is ok (just don’t expect them to be super conversational when they’re busy recovering) or if they’re walking on the treadmill. Basically, use some common sense at picking the time you approach them.

5. Position yourself for the opportunity.

To seize opportunity you’ve got to be positioned correctly. If your gym crush is in the weight section, start strength training (it’ll make you healthier and sexier too)… if they’re in a class, get yourself into that class. Classes are a great way to meet people, including your gym crush, because they’re much more social (especially before they start and when they finish) – it’d be easy to transition into a conversation and grabbing a juice and taking it from there. Another way to approach it is to ask them if you can work in with them between sets, from there it’s easy to make conversation. Finally, to make a slight change to the famous quote: 80% of success is showing up… to the right places. And for the love of all that’s good, when you do show up, don’t spend the whole time ogling your crush… that’s stalker territory – it will creep your crush out.

Hope these tips on how to talk to your crush help you snug that hottie.